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Hearings FAQ

1. Defense counsel has requested postponements of my arbitration hearing for various reasons. What action can I take to obtain a speedy hearing?
When a party makes a request to postpone the hearing, the other parties have an opportunity to respond before the panel makes its decision. If the case is postponed, you should address your preferences for the setting of future hearing dates to the panel of arbitrators. You may do so in writing or during a pre-hearing conference.

Please refer to Code of Arbitration Procedure Rule 12601 for Customer Disputes and Code of Arbitration Procedure Rule 13601 for Industry Disputes for information about postponements.
2. Do I have to appear at an arbitration hearing if my counsel appears for me?
Unless you are required to testify as a witness or the panel orders you to attend the hearing, your counsel may attend the hearing in your place. For the rule regarding attendance at hearings, please refer to Code of Arbitration Procedure Rule 12602 for Customer Disputes and Rule 13602 for Industry Disputes.