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Enrolling in the MQP

Eligible individuals enroll in the Maintain Qualifications Program (MQP) via FinPro. Learn more about enrolling in the MQP below.

Second MQP Enrollment Period

FINRA has announced a second Maintaining Qualifications Program (MQP) enrollment period for certain individuals who had an eligible registration terminated between March 15, 2020, and March 15, 2022.

To learn more, please visit the Second Enrollment Period section of the MQP page.

Accessing FinPro

FinPro users must create credentials and verify their identity to access the system. (Tip: See the FinPro Account Creation Guide for guidance if you have not yet created a FinPro account.)

FinPro cannot be accessed with Internet Explorer. Use a supported browser to log in.

First-Time FinPro Users

Before creating an account: Have you self-enrolled in an exam or used one of these FINRA systems? If so, you can use the same system credentials to log in to FinPro.

Can’t remember your user ID or password? Recover them via email.

Returning FinPro Users

If you have logged in to FinPro before, sign in or quickly retrieve your credentials through the buttons below.

Note: You may need to create a new FinPro account if more than three years have passed since your last login. FinPro credentials are automatically deleted after 36 months of inactivity.

Once logged in, FinPro users that are eligible for the MQP will see a banner in the Reminders section of the page. Select the Learn More button to begin the enrollment process.


When the user clicks the Learn More button, they are taken to a page that describes the program. Click Continue to proceed. (If the user does not wish to continue, use the Back or Back to Home options to return to FinPro.)

Finpro Step 2

On the next screen, the user should confirm their current email address before clicking the Save and Continue button. (Tip: These email addresses are also used for password resets and should reflect mailboxes that are still accessible to the individual after leaving the firm.) For users that also need to update the residential address associated with their FinPro user account, they will be presented with the opportunity to make updates on this same screen.

Finpro Step 3

The next step is to select which qualifications to enroll in the program before the applicable deadline. (Tip: See FINRA’s MQP page for more information about deadlines to enroll.) Users must also agree to the MQP Terms and Conditions and MQP Payment Agreement in order to continue.

Finpro Step 4

After selecting Continue to Payment, input the details of the desired payment method and click Submit Payment. (Tip: If the user navigates away from this page before completing their payment, they will need to wait 60 minutes and begin the enrollment process again.)

Finpro Step 5

Once the payment has been submitted, users are presented with a confirmation pop-up they need to acknowledge and then a confirmation screen will display. Click the Ok link at the bottom of the confirmation screen to return to the FinPro Summary.

Finpro Step 6

MQP enrollment status will display near the top of the page. (Tip: The Payment Pending status will display for a time. Refresh the page to see the latest status after payment processing is complete.) Select either the current MQP Status, the MQP tab on the left navigation panel, or the Manage My MQP link in the menu on the right to view additional information.

Finpro Step 7

There are three elements in the MQP section of an enrolled individual’s FinPro profile:


Learning Plan – Includes all assigned learning for the MQP.

Enrolled Qualifications – Includes qualifications that have been successfully enrolled in the MQP.

Eligible Qualifications – Includes qualifications are eligible for the MQP but not yet enrolled, if any. (Tip: Click Enroll Now to begin enrollment process for additional qualifications.)

Finpro Step 8