Central Registration Depository (Web CRD)

FINRA operates Web CRD®, the central licensing and registration system for the U.S. securities industry and its regulators. The system contains the registration records of more than 3,700 registered broker-dealers, and the qualification, employment and disclosure histories of more than 631,000 active registered individuals.

Web CRD also facilitates the processing and payment of registration-related fees such as form filings, fingerprint submissions, qualification exams and continuing education sessions. Web CRD is a secure system for entitled users only. Firms must complete FINRA’s entitlement process noted below to request access to use Web CRD.


  • New Web Browser Requirements for Web CRD/IARD: Beginning September 30, 2017, Web CRD/IARD will only support newer versions of web browsers to securely transmit information over the internet. You can check your current web browser at https://whatbrowser.org.  If it does not meet or exceed the minimum browser requirements listed below, you must upgrade your web browser in order to continue accessing Web CRD/IARD on or after September 30.
    • Chrome versions released after 2011 (4 or higher)
    • Firefox versions released after 2011 (4 or higher)
    • Internet Explorer versions released after 2013 (11 or Edge)
    • Safari versions released after 2013 (7 or higher)
  • Web CRD and IARD Release Notes 2017.09
    View an explanation of changes to Web CRD and IARD implemented with Release 2017.09 on September 30, 2017.
  • FINRA Web CRD Training Offerings
    Information is now available for upcoming 2017 Registration and Disclosure (RAD) Training Team offerings